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Polk State College offers a variety of degrees and certificates including bachelor degrees, associate degrees, college-credit certificates, and vocational certificates.

Polk State College offers a variety of degrees and workforce certificates to prepare students for future success.

The College offers six bachelor’s degrees — the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice,  Bachelor of Science in NursingBachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences,  Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education — to allow students to gain advanced training right here in Polk County.  

Polk State also offers the Associate of Science degree for those who seek to enter the workforce immediately after completing their education, and the Associate in Arts degree for those seeking to continue their studies at a four-year institution.

Workforce certificates are also available for those who want to gain new skills, giving them a competitive edge in the workforce.

All of Polk State’s degree programs are designed to meet the needs of its community, positioning students to be hired when they graduate or to succeed at the next level of education.

Pursuant to section 1001.02(w), Florida Statutes (F.S.), Polk State College, is required to provide each student access to the economic security report of employment and earning outcomes prepared by the Department of Economic Opportunity before registration. This report focuses on the median first-year earnings of recent graduates and completers from Florida’s public postsecondary educational institutions.

Program Maps

Program Maps provide students with guides to finish their degrees in a timely manner. For the Associate in Arts (AA) Degree, Program Maps are provided for the most common transfer intents. These maps list the courses students must complete to earn the AA and be ready to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. For Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees and certificate programs, Program Maps list the courses students must complete to earn the degree and be ready to enter the workforce. Program Maps are intended to be a guide and students should always consult with their Student Success Advisor to develop their own personalized Educational Plan.  AA transfer intents and degree and certificate programs are organized into eight Pathways of related academic and career fields.

To view your program map, visit http://l9nw.intronational.com/academics/program-maps/.

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